Be careful reader. I prayed for wisdom. Now I know where that comes from.
The pearls of wisdom come from the perils of the would-be wise.

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Dark Matter

There I was, two years sober, starting my life over and my son was too. I wrote a letter about my life and deeds—primarily for penitence and to define a new purpose. I had my metanoia like some do, lying in bed on Christmas morning, in prison. My son blessed the letter, now a book, and spent a month helping me proofread it. He asked me to make one tiny edit in the manuscript. And then, shortly after we agreed it was ready to publish, he was found dead, floating in the lake three miles from my house.



My name is ThomasX. I’ve been imprisoned by the bondage of anger and regret and became free the moment I lost my physical freedom. I’ll illuminate you with all you need to know about dope, demons, time travel and the mysterious matter that makes up black holes. First I’ll explain how I came to understand these things. Death has stalked me at every turn. I won’t die before you hear what an amazing miracle I am, but moreover, what an amazing miracle you are.





A rock opera similar to Jesus Christ Superstar meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Twenty-eight songs and monologue of internal self-talk, including manic rants of a delusional homeless man who hears the voice and instruction of God and believes he has answers to the vexing questions of mankind. Not dissimilar to Noah, Moses, Joshua, Jesus, and many others and their respective communiqués with God.

Taking place in 1980s, it chronicles Didymus, a vagabond who’s frustrated with the rise of moral turpitude in the modern world and his place in it. Unsure of his value to society, he begins to hear the voice of God telling him to act and change life’s burdensome melee he’s disgusted with. The dispensation of Old Testament-like, wrath, and anger consumes him. Struggling, annoyed, and burdened with the drive to act and preach the gospel, he’s met with opposition from his surroundings. He’s got a mission and won’t be stopped. The voices are real, the visions so lucid. Is this the medicated mind of a would-be messiah? Anyone who claims to speak to angels and hear the voice of God is clearly insane. Or is he?